You can count on Effective Logistics for your transport, warehousing and storage solutions needs from our company warehouse in Derrimut, Melbourne.

Who We Are

Effective Logistics is a third-party logistics provider. Our team works for one goal: to ensure your satisfaction by implementing comprehensive and coordinated systems in the transport and delivery of facilities and services. We are your go-to expert for simplifying freight forwarding operational complexities to achieve effective logistics.

We are serious about our supply chain management role, particularly in maintaining service-oriented relations with our clients and customers. And so, our logistics company in Melbourne, Australia does not stop at providing reliable logistics services.

We go the extra mile and provide personalised service and access to possible customer service opportunities. We make it our corporate philosophy to improve your service levels and business operations seamlessly while reducing costs.

What We Do

Part of our company aim is to meet a wide range of client needs. We do this by offering an array of integrated supply chain solutions delivered by our well-trained and experienced team. Our essential logistic services include:

  • Warehousing. Our AQIS-approved and Food Quality-accredited warehouse have specialised racking, vehicles and storage areas to accommodate all sorts of products. Moreover, we treat your commodities with care through our tight and state-of-the-art security systems.
  • Third-party logistics. Cost-effective is the best way to describe our 3PL services in Melbourne. For over 15 years, we have been pairing this solution with ongoing customer consultation and feedback provision. This way, we get to address issues and fine-tune your supply chain, all without losing resources.
  • Storage and overflow. Our extensive storage facilities are ideal for securing your non-hazardous items and resolving demand from lack of space. We can even provide associated services like transport and loading/unloading for you when necessary.
  • Container cartage. Our logistics company in Melbourne operates a fleet of trucks and trailers to transport your perishable, non-perishable or fragile items. We also implement a two-shift pick-up and delivery system to minimise costly delays.
  • Transport and distribution. Effective Logistics caters to Melbourne-based clients. Strategically located off Western Ring Road, we are able to provide interstate and freight services, too. Aside from our specialised freight delivery trailers, trucks and vans, our team utilises produced or customised delivery dockets for seamless customer service.

Why Choose Us

We may not be the only logistics company in Melbourne that offer reliable and professional services. However, Effective Logistics has several qualities that make its team a key player in the logistics management services and transport industry.


Our dedicated team has been in the business for more than 15 years. Within this timeframe, the company and its members have learned the ins and outs of the industry and developed more effective solutions. This cumulative experience also allowed us to work with different clients, satisfy their needs and support business growth, ours and theirs. With this ultimate win-win outcome, we get to build stable relationships and continue creating more.


Years of business operation also led us to the right equipment and advances in technology to serve you better. Specifically, we have a certified and secure warehouse, an extensive range of storage solutions and a fleet of delivery vehicles as freight forwarder to transport cargo of any type or size.

We also complement these tools with heightened security, training and expert handling to ensure that all deliveries are in perfect condition and on time, every time.

Exceptional service

As one of the most experienced logistics companies in Melbourne, Effective Logistics takes pride in its experts and their systematic approach. When you hire us, we will not fit you into a fixed and rigid system. Instead, we begin the process with a consultation and understanding of your specific requirements.

Our knowledgeable team then designs and implements a customised supply chain logistics solution that delivers results. We make sure that we put value service excellence on top of our to-do list, from beginning to end.

Efficient solutions

As a transport company, we understand how valuable your resources are. Problems along the way will only mean effort, time and money down the drain. And so, aside from giving you top-notch distribution and transport services, our team sees to it that you get continuing consultation and feedback from us.

That means we proactively respond to issues as they occur and refine your supply chains in the process. With Effective Logistics strategy, we guarantee that you get flexible solutions at competitive rates as well.

Ethical commitment

Every successful delivery happens because of our highly skilled team members. To us, however, they are more than workers. Our employees, contractors and consultants are essential colleagues. Thus, the company ensures that they are able and confident in their job through sufficient training.

We also see to it that we exercise a positive demeanour towards work and other people. That is because customers like you are our partners deserving of a friendly, respectful and satisfactory customer experience.

How to Get in Touch

If you want the best logistics company and prime movers in Melbourne, Australia, partner with us at Effective Logistics. Our skilled and dedicated team will be happy to answer your questions or fill you in with more details about our supply chain services. Kindly send us your enquiry online or via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). You can also reach us at our head office at 03 9369 0710.